The Type of Valve Spool for Regulating Valve

Among regulating valves, there’re globe, V-ball, eccentric rotary valve, eccentric butterfly valve and some special angle valve.

The type of valve spool includes globe, V-ball, hemisphere, butterfly plate.

The selection of type of valve must be based on the characteristics of each valve. Usually plunger valve is used.

Cage or sleeve type is used in circumstances where there’s a large differential pressure, or the pressure is high, or the diameter is large. They’re increasingly popular. Besides, they can increase the noise reduction and decompression of the valve seat. The disadvantage is that they can’t be used in places where the medium is dirty.

V-ball and eccentric rotary valve can be used in medium such as pulp that contains impurities.

Sanitary butterfly valve is usually used in circumstances where the regulation requirement is not high. For complex working conditions, such as high temperature and pressure, flashing, crystallization, cavitation, a specially-designed angle valve will be used.

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