The Protective Devices in Valves

1. The protective devices in safety valve
Usually, there’s no block valve before and after safety valve. Only in individual cases is block valve set before and after safety valve. If the medium contains solid impurities, affecting safety valve to the point where it cannot be tightly closed, a gate valve with lead sealing needs to be installed in front of the safety valve.
2. The protective devices in sanitary check valve
In order to prevent the backflow of the media after leakage or failure in sanitary check valve, one or two shut-off valves need to be installed before and after sanitary check valve. If two shut-off valves are installed, the check valve can be easily removed for repair.
3. The protective devices in steam traps
Steam traps can be divided into ones with bypass pipes and ones without bypass pipes; recycling of condensate waters and not recycling of condensate waters. For steam traps with large discharge of water and other special requirements, installation devices in parallel forms can be used.

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