Overview of Three Eccentric Metal Hard Sealing Butterfly Valve

The disadvantage of rubber sealing butterfly valve is that when it is used for throttling, due to improper use there will be cavitation, which causes rubber seat to peel off. To this end, a new generation of metal sealing butterfly valve that is intended to solve the cavitation problem was born.

1. The butterfly plate sealing ring of three eccentric multi-level metal hard sealing butterfly valve is metal sheet of soft and hard stack. It has the double advantages of metal sealing and elastic sealing and has excellent sealing performance whether in low-temperature or high temperature conditions.
2. It uses three-dimensional eccentric structure. There’s virtually no friction between valve seat and sanitary butterfly valve plate. When the valve closes, the internal parts are almost damage-free. This kind of structure greatly improves the performance of the valve in use. And it has the sealing function of tightening by closing.
3. There are bushings in the upper and lower parts of the valve stem, and the wear and friction resistance each bushing produces are very small. This kind of structure can completely prevent wear and adhesion, while also improving the service life.
4. The sealing surface of the valve body uses welded alloy steel or Stellite hard alloy. The sealing surface of hard sealing butterfly valve is wear-resistant, brushing-resistant and erosion-resistant, and it has a long service life.
5. Unique structure. Small opening and closing torque. Flexible, effortless, convenient operation that is free from the impact of medium pressure. Reliable sealing performance. It can be used to open and close and regulate equipment.

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