Anything You Should Know about Sanitary Sampling Valves

Sampling valve structure material and application characteristics

A sampling valve is also a valve device often used in various fields of piping systems, it’s opening and closing parts for the ball, with regulation and throttling function, but also has a cut-off flow and pressure dividing function, the working principle and use characteristics similar to the flange gate valve, the following take you quickly understand the relevant knowledge of sampling valve.

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1. Structure material

Sampling valve is made of graphite cast iron and plastic, as well as other non-standard custom-made materials, the valve diameter and the size of the pipeline are the same size, so it can reduce the media in the flow of heat circulation losses, so this special structure design makes the sampling valve has excellent insulation and cooling characteristics, used in specific petrochemical, pharmaceutical and food pipeline systems of all kinds, the main role is to prevent the media in the pipeline circulation The main function is to prevent the medium in the pipeline circulation process of condensation blockage, especially for high viscosity medium fluid flow regulation.

2. the application characteristics

Sanitary Sampling valve is through the spherical opening and closing elements to the flow control valve, the sphere rotates 90 ° to cut off the import and export fluid, to achieve regulation and throttling effect. Insulated ball valves are widely used, customers can buy according to the need to meet their own pipeline diameter of the sampling valve, there is a small diameter to a few millimeters, and large to several meters of the size specifications of the product can be selected. Sampling valves do not require a harsh working environment, whether vacuum or high pressure are suitable, precision design can help achieve tight regulation of fluid media cut-off.

Sampling valves are a new type of pipeline valve designed and produced in response to market demand, and are essential and necessary for many specific pipeline systems, and can be purchased from Adamant Valves.

What types of sampling valves are there?

The classification of sampling valves

Sampling valves can be classified by cylinder as:

Single-acting and double-acting.

Single-acting (pneumatic head is usually one hole); working principle; according to the spring reset to open and close the role, divided into normally open and normally closed type.

Double-acting (pneumatic head is usually two holes); working principle: give air to control its switch.

The sampling valve can be divided according to the pipeline installation category.

Stainless steel pneumatic fillet (internal thread) angle seat valve

Stainless steel pneumatic quick-fit angle seat valve

Stainless steel pneumatic flange angle seat valve

The sampling valve according to the actual application is divided into

All stainless steel pneumatic fillet (female thread) angle seat valve

All stainless steel pneumatic quick-fit angle seat valve

What are the advantages of the sampling valve? What are the precautions before installation?

Let’s learn more about it! A Sanitary sampling valve has the following advantages: fluid resistance is small, and the sealing surface by the medium of gouging and erosion is small. Open and close more labor-saving. Media flow direction is not restricted, not disturbing the flow, not reducing pressure. Simple shape, short structure length, good manufacturing process, wide range of applications. The structure is more complicated. Easy to cause erosion and abrasion between the sealing surface, maintenance is difficult. Larger dimensions, open a certain space, open and close for a long time.

Valve installation must be inspected before the appearance of the valve nameplate should be in line with the current national standard “General Valve Marking” GB12220 provisions. For working pressure greater than 1.0MPa and in the main pipe to play a cutting role in the valve, before installation should be a strength and tightness test, qualified before use. Strength test, the test pressure for the nominal pressure of 1.5 times the duration of not less than 5min, the valve shell, packing should be no leakage for qualified. Tightness test, the test pressure is 1.1 times the nominal pressure; test pressure in the test duration should be in line with the GB50243 standard requirements, to the valve sealing surface no leakage as qualified.

How is the sampling valve wired?

How is the wiring of the sampling valve? What are the considerations when wiring the sampling valve?

The sampling valve has ordinary type and intelligent type. Ordinary type, when the motor is connected, the valve will open or close, depending on the motor positive and negative; intelligent type, such as AC380V, to its supply AC380V, the motor does not move, the internal control circuit board can work. When it is given 4-20mA current input, it will do the corresponding action. 4mA will close, 20mA will open. And there is 4-20mA analog feedback signal to react its valve opening size. The sampling valve is composed of electric actuator and butterfly valve, the electric actuator is 90 degree rotation, there are two control modes of switch and regulation, through the electric actuator rotation drive the opening and closing of the butterfly valve. With manual operation function, the butterfly valve can be opened and closed by manual operation in case of power failure.


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