The Advantages and Disadvantages of Stainless Steel Butterfly Valve

The advantages of stainless steel butterfly valves:
1. Easy and quick opening and closing. Effortless. Small fluid resistance. Able to be frequently operated.
2. Simple structure, small size, light weight.
3. Able to transport mud. The amount of liquid accumulated at the pipeline outlet is the smallest.
4. Good sealing performance under low pressure.
5. Good regulating performance.

The disadvantages of stainless steel butterfly valves:
1. The range of operating pressure and working temperature is small.
2. Poor sealing performance.

According to structural form, stainless steel sanitary butterfly valve can be divided into bias plate type, vertical plate type, inclined plate type and lever type. According to sealing form, it can be divided into soft sealing type and hard sealing type. The soft sealing type generally uses rubber ring sealing, hard sealing type generally uses metal ring sealing. According to connection type, it can be divided into flange connection and clamp connection. According to transmission method, it can be divided into manual, gear driving, pneumatic, hydraulic and electric types.

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