The Features of Product Structure of Steel Gate Valve

High-pressure large flange steel sanitary valve meets the requirement of advanced standards, with reliable sealing, excellent performance and beautiful appearances.

The gate plate and valve seat sealing surface are welded by iron-based alloy or Stellite cobalt-based hard alloy. They are wear-resistant, high-temperature-resistant, corrosion-resistant, with a good anti-scratch performance and long service life.

High-pressure large flange gate valve stem has good corrosion-resistance and anti-scratch performance after surface nitriding treatment.

Gate valve uses wedge-type elastic gate plate structure, with rolling bearings on medium and large diameter. It has a small friction and is easy to open and close.

All kinds of piping flanges and flange sealing surface type can be used to meet the needs of various projects and user requirements.

High-pressure large flange steel gate valve is suitable for pipelines of oil, chemical, power plant and others where the nominal pressure PN is 10.0 ~ 25.0Mpa and the working temperature is -29 °C ~ 600 °C. It is suitable for media such as water, oil, steam and so on. Its operation methods include: manual, gear drive, electric and so on.

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