The Introduction of the Structure of Chip Ball Valve

1. No friction during opening and closing.
This feature completely solves the problem of sealing of sanitary valves due to the frictions between sealing surfaces.
2. Up-loading structure.
This feature enables on-site inspection and maintenance for valves installed on the pipeline, which can effectively reduce device stoppage and lower the cost.
3. Single valve seat design.
This eliminates the problem of valve cavity medium affecting safe use due to abnormal rise in pressure.
4. Low torque design.
The valve stem is specially designed. The valve can be easily opened and closed with a small handle.
5. Wedge sealing structure.
The valve stem provides the valve with mechanical force, and wedges the ball against the valve seat to achieve sealing, which makes sure that the sealing performance of the valve is not affected by the changes in pressure differences in pipelines and that the sealing performance is reliable under all kinds of working conditions.
6. The self-cleaning structure of sealing surface.
When the ball tilts away from the valve seat, the fluid in the pipeline flows through along the sphere sealing surface, which not only eliminates the partial erosion on the valve seat by high-speed fluid, but also washes away the accumulation on the sealing surface, achieving the purpose of self-cleaning.

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