The Structural Features of Plug Valve

The four major structural features of plug valve:
1. Historically, plug valve is the earliest valve to be used by humans. Due to its simple structure, quick opening and closing, easy operation, small fluid resistance, it’s still being widely used today. Currently, it’s mainly used in low pressure, small caliber, low medium temperature and other conditions.
2. Plug valve is mainly used in the pipelines to shut-off, lift, and change the flow direction of the medium. It’s so easily adaptable to multi-channel structures that one single sanitary valve can have two, three, or even four different flow channels, which can simplify the design of the pipeline system, reduce the amount of valves and some connecting accessories needed in the equipment.
3. Fluid directly flows through plug valve. The resistance is small, the opening and closing is easy and quick.
4. Other functions that can be achieved according to the structural features of plug valve.

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