What are Pneumatic Ball Valves Made of?

What is a Pneumatic ball valve?

A pneumatic ball valve consists of a pneumatic actuator and valve, the pneumatic actuator has single-acting and double-acting two kinds of control, single-acting can be automatically reset, double-acting need to give air source to reset, in the case without positioner can only be used for switching role, such as the need to adjust, need to match the positioner.

3 way ball valve

Valve body materials are stainless steel, cast steel, etc., room temperature, atmospheric pressure, high temperature, high pressure, and other options can be selected.

How does a Pneumatic ball valve work?

Pneumatic ball valve consists of a pneumatic actuator and ball valve pneumatic actuator has a single-acting and double-acting structure, single-acting to the actuator gas source pressure ball valve open, turn off the gas source pressure ball valve automatically closed, double-acting to the actuator gas source pressure ball valve open, if you want to close the ball valve need to give another orifice gas source pressure, pneumatic actuator optional accessories, can play a role in regulating media flow.

Ball valve has a flange, threaded, welded, and other connection options, according to the different media can also choose fluorine lining (corrosion-resistant), hard seal (high pressure, high temperature) soft seal (room temperature and pressure use). The structure form also has two-way, three-way, and four-way structures that can be selected.

According to the different working conditions of the site can choose different control methods of pneumatic actuators, and different ball valves to fully meet the needs of the site working conditions.

The pneumatic actuator according to different control and requirements can choose the following accessories.

Cutting type accessories: single electronically controlled solenoid valve, double electronically controlled solenoid valve, limit switch return signal.

Adjustment type accessories: electrical, pneumatic, electrical converter.

Air source processing accessories: air filtration pressure reducer, air source processing triplet.

What are the advantages of a Pneumatic actuator?

1、Geared double piston, large output torque, small size can be installed at the top and bottom of the manual operating mechanism.

2、The cylinder is made of aluminum, lightweight, beautiful appearance, rack, and pinion connection can adjust the opening angle, rated flow

3、The actuator can be selected with electric signal feedback indication and various accessories to realize automatic operation.

4、IS05211 standard connection provides convenience for product installation and replacement.

5、The knuckle screw of both ends can make the standard product at 0 ° and 90 ° have a ± 4 ° adjustable range. Ensure the synchronization accuracy with the valve.

What is Pneumatic ball valve features?

1、The valve body is made of precision casting or forging, compact structure, and beautiful appearance. Fixed O ball valve spool, stem to do rotary motion, rotating the spool valve seat always close contact, with the shear capacity.

2, the valve seat by the cylindrical spring or butterfly spring preload, with automatic compensation, self-sealing, and valve cavity automatic pressure relief function, suitable for high temperature, high-pressure occasions.

3, the valve ball is fixed to ensure smooth operation of the valve ball, reducing the operating torque.

4、Double-closing and double-breaking design ensure that the valve ball is completely open and completely closed. A variety of sealing structures can be selected to ensure service life and reliability. The sealing structure can be selected from the front valve seat seal (recommended), back valve seat seal, front valve seal, and back valve seal at the same time (for specific working conditions). The seal has soft and hard seal options, the sealing surface can be hardened, and suitable for a variety of working conditions;

5, the valve cavity automatic pressure relief design, the valve body cavity stay medium temperature rise caused by abnormal pressure rise, without the valve, but only by the valve seat function can automatically relieve pressure, improve the valve in the transport of liquid media sex.

6, emergency grease injection ambulance, in some special occasions, due to the media of foreign matter or fire caused by the unexpected failure of the valve seat seal, grease injection valve provides a quick connection with the grease injection gun, convenient and quick to inject sealing grease into the valve seat sealing parts to alleviate leakage;.

7、Fireproof structure, anti-static structure, and anti-stem blow-out structure design are available. Adopting ISO 5211 actuator installation standard.

8、Extended stem design for low-temperature applications.

9、In addition to manual operation, optional gear devices, pneumatic and electric actuators, and their accessories are available.

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