How Does Three Way Ball Valve Work

A Three-way ball valve is a three-channel rotary ball valve, an O-type three-way valve spool with L-and T-type, to meet different production process requirements. A Three-way ball valve can be anyone pipe that can be used as an inlet or outlet. The l-type valve is the three pipes in the removal of two pipes, T-valve achieved the three connecting pipe confluence and diversion.

three way ball valve

An Electric O-type ball valve is used in industrial control systems, which consists of an electronic actuator and a three-way ball valve, electric actuator is a three-way ball valve drive device.

The electric actuator turns from 0 to 900, so that the three-way ball valve is from the off (open) position to the open position, to achieve the flow of media within the pipeline (cut) to meet different process requirements. There are two types of electric three-way ball valves, L-type spool, and T-type can achieve two different control requirements.

A Three-way ball valve is generally a two-seat structure. The remaining conditions can also choose a four-seat structure but should be specified in the order of the valve seat structure.

Advantages of Hygienic 3 way Ball Valves Produced by Adamant valves

1. Fluid resistance is small, the full diameter of the sanitary ball valve is basically no flow resistance.

2. The ball valve structure is simple, small in size, and lightweight.

3. Close and reliable, its two sealing surface and the ball valve sealing surface material are widely used in a variety of plastic sealing, and can achieve complete sealing. The vacuum system has also been widely used.

4. Easy to operate, open and close quickly, from fully open to fully closed as long as the rotation is 90 °, easy remote control.

5. Easy maintenance, sanitary valve structure is simple, the seals are generally active, and the demolition and replacement are more convenient.

6. In the fully open or fully closed, the ball and seat sealing surface and medium isolation, the media through, it will not cause corrosion of the valve sealing surface.

7. Applicable to a wide range from small to a few millimeters in diameter, large to a few meters, from high vacuum to high pressure can be applied. 8. As the sanitary ball valve in the opening and closing process of wiping, it can be used for suspended solids with the media.
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