Sanitary Ball Valve Main Features

Sanitary ball valves are generally divided into a reduced diameter and non-reduced diameter channels of these two structures. No matter what type of structure it is, the coefficient of the flow resistance of the ball valve is relatively small. In particular, the so-called full flow type, that is, a reduced diameter of the ball valve, from the diameter of its channel equal to the diameter of the pipe, the loss of local resistance is only the same length of the resistance to the friction of the pipe. In all valves, this valve has the lowest resistance to flow. At the launch of the rocket and its test system, the resistance of the pipeline should be as small as possible. There are two ways to reduce the resistance of the pipe system. One is to reduce the speed of the fluid. To do this, it is necessary to increase the diameter of the pipe and the return valve, which often have an adverse effect on the economy of the pipe system. It is extremely unfavorable to keep the supply system at low temperature (liquid hydrogen), so the ball valve has naturally become the best choice.

What are the main characteristics of the Type O sanitary ball valve?

  1. Compact structure, light weight, small size.
  2. When the hole in the bale is aligned with the pipe, the flow area is the largest. In this stage, its resistance to flow is low, the value of Kv reaches the maximum.
  3. The range of flow adjustment is wide and its ratio varies from 100: 1 to 200: 1.
  4. Can seal completely when closing.

What are the main characteristics of the Type V sanitary ball valve?

  1. Its regulation function is to provide an approximate logarithmic flow.
  2. The ball valve seat and V-type valve seat will produce a relative rotation in the shear. Therefore, it is particularly suitable for controlling and cutting paste and other soiled media containing fibers, and also applies high viscosity suspension conditions.
  3. The valve coil is pressed to one side of the seat by the pressure difference. Pressure on the valve seat increases friction as the spool rotates. Therefore, it is relatively easy to overcome the main friction caused by the pressure difference, so that the difference in the cut-off pressure of the ball valve is high.
  4. The seat and valve of the ball valve will not cause blockage or separation or other problems. It is well sealed and has a long life.

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