How to Compare Sanitary Ball Valve And Sanitary Butterfly Valve

Sanitary ball valve and sanitary butterfly valve is really different.
The main features of sanitary ball valve: flow resistance is relatively small; larger pressure and higher temperatures, stainless steel flange ball valve can be completely sealed.

Sanitary ball valve can quickly open and close; health ball valve body symmetry, can effectively withstand the pipeline pressure to cope with a variety of high-pressure vacuum conditions, a wide range of application.

The opening and closing pieces of sanitary butterfly valve are about disc-types, the main features are:
1, the structure is simple, small size, easy to install;
2. Flow resistance coefficient is small, open and close quickly,
3, can be used for large-caliber valves, sealing surface can be applied to different, the use of a variety of environments, including powder, pull-shaped media and other media.

What are the characteristics of sanitary pneumatic butterfly valve?
1. Health pneumatic butterfly valve is characterized by simple structure, small size, light weight, flow resistance is small, the flow coefficient, sealing performance.
2, sanitary pneumatic butterfly valve with electric – pneumatic valve positioner to electrical signals and compressed air as power, can accept the control system input 4-20mA DC current signal from the regulator to the compressed air, converted into air pressure signal input and output. To change the rotation angle of the valve plate, it has good control parameters such as control flow.

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