High Vacuum Butterfly Valve VS Ball Valve

Structural characteristics of the butterfly valve:

The high vacuum butterfly valve is composed of actuator and angle type butterfly valve body, two parts connected by the middle bracket together.

Taking sanitary butterfly valve as an example: the actuating mechanism is composed of a double cylinder as the main body, to accept the two position four-way solenoid valve to control the output signal (0.4 ~ 0.6MPa) air pressure as the driving force, the control element change the direction of the flow, the actuating cylinder to drive the butterfly valve opened and closed.

Electric high vacuum butterfly valve is designed and manufactured in strict accordance with the JB919 standards, the vacuum range: 105 ~ 1.3*10-4pa high vacuum system, using a rotary type, intelligent type electric adjustable valve drive device, or by switching the input signal power, to achieve control of the valve opening and closing or any position, so as to connect or disconnect the airflow in the vacuum system. Compared with other valves, high vacuum butterfly valve has the advantages such as small volume, flexible opening and closing, widely used in pumping pipeline, vacuum system and vacuum equipment.

butterfly valve

Structural characteristics of ball valve:

Sanitary ball valve, is a hygienic ball valve for material handling. Applications for such valves include food and beverage processing, as well as the pharmaceutical and chemical industries.

The fully threaded valve chamber design does not create any fluid resistance. Thus making the valve the best choice for handling fluids that are viscous or contain particulates.

A precisely manufactured sphere with a through cavity is placed between the two flanges in the valve body and the two PTFE valve seats. A valve shaft is rotated through 90 ° to act on the sphere, thus opening or closing the valve.

At the same time, the ball valves can increase the seat cleaning joint, the valve chamber to clean the valve, discharged by the discharge hole. Sanitary ball valve is operated by a pneumatic head, or through a handle can be manually operated.

Sanitary ball valve has the three-piece structure, the two flanges, the valve body and the composition of two PTFE seats.

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