Pneumatic V-type Regulating Valve

Pneumatic V-type regulating valve is a kind of right angle rotary structure. When used with valve positioner, it can achieve proportion adjustment. V-type valve core is most suitable for various occasions of regulating. The rated flow coefficient is large. The ratio of adjustability is large. The sealing effect is good. The regulating performance is sensitive. The size is small, so it can be vertically installed. It is suitable for controlling gas, steam, liquid and other media.

It is composed of V-type valve body, pneumatic actuators, positioners and other accessories. It uses dual-bearing structure. The starting torque is small. It has very good sensitivity and speed of induction. The shearing ability of it is very strong.

Pneumatic piston actuator uses compressed air as its source of power. Through the movement of the piston, it makes the crank arm rotate for 90 degrees, making the sanitary regulating valve open and close automatically. Its components are: regulating bolts, the box of actuator, crank arm, cylinder block, cylinder shaft, piston, connecting rod, universal axis.

The mechanism: Pneumatic regulating valve consists of actuators and regulating components. The actuator is the thrust part of regulating valve. It generates corresponding thrust according to the pressure of the regulating signal to make the regulating components work. Valve body is the regulating component of pneumatic regulating valve. It directly has contact with regulating medium to regulate the flow of the fluid.

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