Top Ten Precautions of Pressure Control Valve Selection

Top ten precautions of pressure control valve selection

In the oil and gas industry, reducing the overall cost of production has become the common goal of the industry. As a result, the correct valve selection has become a top priority.

  1. Design

We should choose the appropriate control valve according to the situational conditions, including whether resists high temperature, low temperature, corrosion, or achieves noise reduction and valve seat sealing.

  1. Material

Valve material must be resistant to medium flow. According to the current conditions of demand, the routine use of the valve material at present include cast steel, 304 stainless steel, 304L stainless steel, 316 stainless steel, 316L stainless steel. The material of cast iron cannot use for a long time, so its application is gradually reduced.

  1. Flow Control

Regulators are very helpful in maintaining overall process control and reducing variation. Although the presence of different technologies can affect the control valve, its role is often ignored when it comes to handling performance.

  1. Lead Times

Short delivery is one of the most important considerations. In order to avoid prolonged downtime and potentially huge costs, it is necessary to ensure the expected valve delivery time.

  1. Application

Cares should be taken to ensure the appropriate selection of valves. This involves many factors, including media, yield, CV requirements, piping, assembling and external conditions.

  1. Service & Support

It is crucial of enjoying first class service and support. This includes inquiry, quote, reliable delivery, on-site commissioning and installation, and perfect post-sale communication. It should promote a continuous commitment to service and support a vibrant and innovative research and development programs.

  1. Cost

Reducing costs is the most important. The pressure control valve should be designed easier to repair and maintain. This will ensure maximum throughput, reduce life cycle costs and increase MTBF.

  1. Sustainability

Reducing the use of oil and gas is regarded as the key to a sustainable global economy. Therefore, it is important to consider choosing the material that can reduce the impact on the environment.

  1. Maintenance and Replacement

Control valves should be reusable, repairable inside, and have excellent design. In addition, easy to maintain with short downtime is vital as well. The cost of replacing parts should be low.

  1. Complete Solution

There should be a cost-effective, consistent and efficient service. In addition, services may include onshore and offshore field surveys, manufacturing tests and calibrations, and onsite installation and commissioning.


Taking into account these factors, the choice of pressure control valve should be considered to maximize production, reduce costs, and ultimately extend the average MTBF.


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