How to Choose Valve in Water Supply Network

Water supply network is composed of pipes, valves and other pipe accessories and fittings. According to various needs, we should open and close the valve every day. The service life and quality of the valve determine the normal operation of the pipe network, and play a pivotal role in the pipe network, and must be paid great attention to.

Because the network is a bridge between the water supply enterprises and users, so you can say this: a management of water supply enterprises is reflected in the normal operation of the pipeline; and the normal operation of water supply network, is also closely related with the valve.

Safety of water supply
Does not affect the water quality is an important indicator of valve selection. The main part of the valve contact with water is mainly inside the valve body, the sealing part, the valve plate and so on. At present, many manufacturers produced the sealing parts of the valves with rubber materials.

Common rubber materials are nitrile rubber (NBR), chloroprene rubber (CR) or ethylene propylene rubber (EPDM). These rubbers are synthetic rubber. In the process of synthesis, more than 10 kinds of raw materials and anti-aging agents should be added into the natural rubber. The final synthetic rubber can be used for water supply valve sealing.

As for the valve interior, valve plate and other parts, many manufacturers used to paint method, only considering the rust problem, without considering whether it is poisonous or not. In practice, we found that: the water supply pipe network, pipe lined with corrosion problems are resolved, while the pipe is not lined valve, due to water erosion, deposition precipitation phenomenon and iron bacteria in water valve cavity and the valve plate, resulting in some of the body wall appear like hills accumulation phenomenon. Not only affect the quality of water supply, but also some of the main valve closed lax.

Therefore, we require that these parts of direct contact with water should be sprayed non-toxic coatings, it is best to use electrostatic spraying method of non-toxic epoxy powder. We select the valve, should first check and inspection certificate to prove whether it has non-toxic rubber and paint, only the above conditions can guarantee the water quality from pollution, to ensure water supply security.

Advanced technology
Development of valve production technology, from the old gate valve to soft sealing gate valve, butterfly valve from the initial to the folder type butterfly valve, single eccentric, double eccentric flanged butterfly valve, hard seal butterfly valve, from the traditional single head exhaust valve to the exhaust valve and other high-speed dual orifice.

Therefore, the choice of valve should also take advanced nature into the selection of valve. However, in the application of new technologies, we oppose the indiscriminate, users do not understand the actual practice of herd, but should be new technology, new technology and user needs together. Good valves are produced in actual applications from the direct demand of the user. For example: the method of resin extrusion sealing, although from the design ideas and factory tests proved that it does have advantages. But in actual use, because of resin materials, extrusion resin tools and so on, it has not solved the problem of how users use it. Therefore, the valve production should pay attention to its advanced nature, and pay more attention to its practicality. And we should pay attention to solve practical problems, such as: exhaust valve floating ball material, floating ball shape on the exhaust effect and service life of the study. Therefore, the choice of valve must pay attention to its advanced technology and practice.

Sealing of water flow
Whether the valve plays a sealing role is the basic requirements of the valve. In practice, there are many types of sealing, such as soft sealing, hard sealing, valve plate sealing, valve body sealing, surface sealing, line sealing and so on. No matter what kind of sealing form is adopted, the sealing effect can not be affected. In the past, we have used a part of the valve plate seal butterfly valve, in theory, the butterfly valve’s biggest advantage is that once the seal apron failure, do not disassemble the valve, can be replaced online. However, in the actual application of water supply enterprises, the advantage of this butterfly valve is difficult to reflect. Therefore, if the apron is replaced on line, not only the pipe at both ends of the valve will be taken apart, but the water of the pipe will be emptied. At the same time, the replacement of aprons can not be sealed, can not determine the replacement effect. Therefore, in choosing the valve, we must pay attention to the sealing form of the valve, and in combination with their actual application, check the sealing effect of the valve.

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