Why is Sanitary Valve So Important in Semiconductor Manufacturing

Semiconductor manufacturing is the process of creating the integrated circuits used in electronic devices and electrical equipment.

semiconductor sanitary valve

The production process of electronic components and semiconductor devices requires a clean, contaminant-free environment.

The process involves four steps including deposition, patterning, removal, and electrical modification. Each of these categories requires a range of sanitary valve and fitting solutions that meet a range of specifications.

Electronic gas plays a very important role in the production of semiconductor devices, almost every step, and every production.

Electronic gas is indispensable to all links, and the quality of electronic gas largely determines the performance of semiconductor devices.

The purity of the electron gas is a very important index, and its purity is improved by an order of magnitude.
It’s going to be a huge boost and a qualitative leap in semiconductor devices. At the same time, the purity of electronic gas is also a way to distinguish the technical level and production capacity of gas manufacturers.

Semiconductor sanitary valve fittings are important raw materials in the gas conveying system and equipment.

It also directly affects the gas delivery capacity and operation stability of the gas delivery system, and also affects the quality and performance of semiconductor products.

In severe cases, a valve quality problem can result in a serious production accident.

Stainless steel butterfly valves are suitable for corrosive environments and are offered in a variety of configurations to fit plumbing requirements.

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