Application of Hygienic Valve in Pharmaceutical Industry

With the increasing requirements of the pharmaceutical industry and the increasing requirements for valves, hygienic valves have been widely used in the pharmaceutical industry.

valve in pharmaceutical

What kind of valves can be applied to the current pharmaceutical industry?

Generally, the selection of valve material is not very difficult. In most cases, austenitic stainless steel is a widely used material, which can be applied to the pharmaceutical profession.

In the pharmaceutical occupational clean pipeline system, sanitary valves also have special requirements, to avoid the occurrence of dead water as far as possible. ”

  1. The use of sanitary class diaphragm valve

In many valves, the sanitary class diaphragm valve is more used commonly. Because of its special structure, 100% of the medium in the pipeline will not contact other pipe fittings outside the gasket, forming a good clean environment.

Therefore, sanitary diaphragm valves are widely used in the pharmaceutical industry. However, in the process of diaphragm valve installation, we should also take into account the self-discharge function of the valve, that is, to ensure the device viewpoint of the valve.

2. The use of the sanitary ball valve

In addition, the tablet ball valve is also a common valve in the pharmaceutical industry. Although the cost and pressure of the 3-way ball valve are higher than the general ones, the inner wall of the valve body is clean. The three-piece ball valve is also the darling of the pharmaceutical industry.

Hygienic ball valves are also suitable for the pharmaceutical profession. Ball valves have smooth inner walls, no residues to hide in the body, no need to discharge each time, and no bacterial reproduction. This advantage makes them indispensable equipment in the pharmaceutical industry.

At present, sanitary valves can meet the special requirements of biopharmaceuticals, the food field, etc.

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