Application of Sanitary Valve in Sewage Treatment Equipment

Traditional sewage treatment system needs to occupy a large area, which is equivalent to a waste of land. From the economic point of view, it is necessary to choose sewage treatment equipment with good sewage treatment effects and a small area.

sanitary water valve

A Sanitary valve is a good choice. The reasons are as follows:

1. Automated systems

Taking the beer industry as an example, the wastewater recovery process was adopted to recover the wastewater by using multi-media, activated carbon filtration, and softener drainage. This is a highly automated system. The operation of the system, backwashing, and regeneration of filters and softenerators, terminal water distribution, dosage control and thermal disinfection of the system, the monitoring of operation status and the generation and uploading of reports are all fully automated.

Sanitary valve is very important in the process of sewage treatment.

2. Simple process

The application of sanitary butterfly valves makes the complicated pipeline connection process simple, fast, and convenient, the operation difficulty is small, the quality is stable, and the work efficiency is greatly improved.

3. Small area of land

Hygienic flanged butterfly valves are greatly reduced in the area of use, and their integration between equipment components is very high, which will not affect the effect of sewage treatment because of the smaller equipment, and greatly improve the plane and space utilization efficiency.

4. Wide range of applications

Sewage treatment equipment can ensure that each place has its own sewage treatment system, so as to timely and efficient sewage treatment, not only reduces the possibility of pollution but also can ease the pressure of urban sewage treatment.

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