Extended Pole Full Welded Sanitary Ball Valve Advantages

  1. Integral welded sanitary ball valve will not have external leakage and so on.
  2. Because the fully welded ball valve seat is made of carbide Teflon seal ring and coffee spring, it has strong adaptability to changes of pressure and temperature and will not generate any leakage in the marked pressure and temperature range.
  3. The processing process of all-welded ball valve ball has advanced computer detector tracking test, so the ball’s machining accuracy is high.
  4. As the valve body material is the same with the pipe material, there will be no uneven stress, nor will it be deformed due to earthquakes and vehicles passing through the ground, and the pipeline will be resistant to aging.
  5. The seal ring body is made of 25% Carbon (CPTFE) with no leakage (0%).
  6. Buried all-welded ball valve can be buried directly in the ground and there is no need to build high-large valve wells. Just set up a small shallow ground on the ground, construction costs and construction time can be greatly saved.
  7. According to the pipeline construction and design requirements, all-welded ball valve body length and the height of the valve stem can be adjusted.
  8. Ball machining accuracy is very precise with light operation, and there is no adverse interference.
  9. All-welded ball valve using advanced raw materials can ensure pressure that more than PN25.
  10. Compared with similar products in the same industry, the valve body is small and the appearance is beautiful.
  11. Guaranteed the normal operation and usage of the valve, it is 20 years warranty.

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