Safe Food as Health is Wealth

When two or more, people get the same illness from the same contaminated drink or food, the event is called a foodborne outbreak. Many public health officers are investigating and trying to control the foodborne illness among the people. There are some active social parties who engage themselves in spreading awareness for preventing such type of foodborne outbreak from happening in the future.

From its inception, until it reaches your mouth, food passes through various stages and being handled by different persons differently. This whole process of food may be classified into four major stages like production, processing, distribution, and preparation.

safe food

The production process includes growing the plants, harvesting and raising the animals we use for food purpose. This process is very much important as very much care and diligence is required for cultivating the food in an organic and healthy manner. You can check and control the application of harmful pesticides, chemicals or fertilizers, etc. to your land for cultivating such food. For example: if the field is sprayed with contaminated water, then the fruits and vegetables can be contaminated before harvesting also.
The second stage called as processing has its own importance. Most of the food gets contaminated through this process only. This process includes converting the original food into what you eat and buy from the market through chopping, grinding, chilling, packing, etc. In this process, many other ingredients like color, artificial preservatives, texturants added to it to make this product marketable, salable and stay for a longer period. One can say that if contaminated water or ice is used to pack, wash or chill fruits or vegetables, this contamination can extend to those items.

Another important phase is storing and distribution. The food having the perishable nature should be stored in the proper place at the proper temperature to keep them fresh. Else those foods if left on the loading dock for more time in warm weather then it will allow bacteria formation in that food. Hence, storing and distributing food is an important block in this process chain, When it comes to food processing, one of the most commonly used valves on the market to use is a pneumatic butterfly valve.

The last but crucial phase is the preparation stage. This includes cooking food to make it ready to eat by converting them from a raw state to cooked food. Whether cooking at home or restaurant should be done with hygiene and cleanliness. By following healthy habits we can achieve zero foodborne diseases which we are aiming today.
All the above stages, if followed strictly can give the human being a healthy and active life to live.

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