Extrusion Process: The Reason for Occurring Toxins

You will be surprised to see how breakfast cereals are processed. Let’s just talk about the American breakfast approach of cereal, orange juice and skim milk. Extrusion is the process of making cold breakfast cereals. Here a thick fluid or slurry of grain and water is prepared, put the cereal and water together in an extruder. The grains are processed in high temperature and pressure, to shape like puffed flakes. These grain shreds, then coated with oil and sugar for the better crunchy taste to eat with milk, which in fact destroy plenty of nutrients from the diet.

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The high heating process with pressure cause the loss of the most important nutrient called the amino acid lysine. It also wipes out the synthetic vitamins of the food. Some people opt for boxed cereals, but the fact is that they all are the same. Nevertheless, the boxed cereals offered by the health food stores are also made by using the same process of extrusion. These box cereals are in no way a healthy diet. It only contains a penny’s worth of grain and processed through the most unhealthy and economical extrusion process.

You can find these box cereals in various grocery stores for four or five dollars. Thus, it gives them a maximum profit margin. As a result, the breakfast cereals industry becomes a multi-billion dollar industry in the food world at the cost of the poor mans’ health. Moreover, a part of the profit is used in convincing the government officials and health officers that this unhealthy diet is good for health. They mislead the public saying that there is no difference between a natural grain and the advanced extrusion processed grain. There are many factors to consider, including the media’s temperature, pressure, viscosity and elements the stainless steel ball valve will be exposed to.

If you investigate the matter you can come to know that undergoing through the tough process of extrusion, the cereals alter the structure of the proteins. Take the case of corn. Zeins is the most significant protein body present in the spherical organelles of the corn. But after going through the unhealthy process of extrusion the protein body changes into a foreign component called alpha-zeins, which is in no way good for health. So here we come to know that the extrusion process breaks down the organelles and scatter the proteins by breaking it off, while in some cases it turns into toxins. Thus the disrupted proteins can adversely affect the nervous system, as signified by the corn-flake experiment.

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