Sanitary Valves And Their Utilities

Valves are used commonly everywhere in our everyday life. These are used to make our life more convenient and comfortable at home, office, and the industry as well. There is a wide range of variety of valves available in the market to fit with your different requirements. Categorization of these valves can be done on different basis like: on the basis of material used, on the basis of size, on the basis of uses, etc.

A sanitary butterfly valve is a type of flow control device used very commonly to control, stop or divert the flow of a particular substance. It is a valve with a circular body and a rotary motion disk closure which is mostly supported by a stem attached to it. When you rotate the handle the motion disk will also move a parallel or perpendicular motion which will result in the start or stop the flow of liquid. That means rotating from zero to 90 degrees; you can control the flow of liquid from start to stop or vice-versa. It is also a very well-known and well-used type of valve. This type of sanitary butterfly valve can be operated manually or automatically. These are considered as high-performance and effectively utilized valves. Butterfly valves are mostly used in stainless steel pipe systems for food, beverage, dairy, and other pharmaceutical industries. This type of sanitary valve is named so just because of their outer body structure and shape.

e-sanitary butterfly valve

Another variety of valves is the sanitary sampling valve. As its name suggests, the sampling valve is used to collect the sample or allow drawing representative portion of the fluid to test for the purpose of identification, quality control, composition inspection or regulatory requirement, etc. It is mostly used in process industries to test the quality at each and every stage of production. This type of valves is placed in the piping system or on the bottom of the tank to test the residue drain.

Industries in which hygiene and sterility are a real challenge like fine chemical industries, stain fewer steel valves with modern and advanced features are used to meet the industry requirement. Some valve manufacturers produce their products by using varox-cured material, corrosion-free, and sulfur-free materials to make their product superior in the market to beat the competitors.

You may choose the best suitable type of sanitary valve, judging from their usage and capacity to bear pressure. A suitable valve can save the pipe from leakage and make its life longer and also costs you lesser repair and maintenance cost.

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