Is the Present Industrial System of Food Spoiling Your Health

When processed food was not there people like McDonald’s and TV dinners used to depend on real and agricultural food. Only fruits and vegetables come under real food, which is natural in nature. No artificial additives and no synthetics. This real food is sometimes preserved in the summer months for a long, cold winter and is generally eaten in season.

food spoiling health

Real food is good for healthy food habits as it came from animals that grazed on pasture. However, now it is difficult to get real and natural food. Industrial agriculture has taken over our food supply, which only considers profit first more than people’s health.

The industrial standard always looks for producing more and more with less time and effort so as to make more money. So in an attempt to feed more people in a more productive and easier manner, the food has turned into products that are full of chemicals and artificial stuff, not real food. The modern structure of food design only contributes to serious diseases which will curb the human lifespan. Some severe diseases like cancer, obesity, high blood pressure, heart disease, and diabetes are the gift of this industrial food structure.

The current industrial food system is impacting our health in many ways due to the addition of artificial additives and synthetics which are the main cause of all the health hazards. Moreover, Americans are entirely dependent upon industrial food. They spend near about ninety percent of their food budget on outside processed foods, may it be breakfast serials or box food. You cannot deny the fact that almost all of these processed foods hold additives and artificial substances intended to modify the food in some way before it is sold to consumers.

We are surrounded by bacteria everywhere. It is present everywhere starting from our skin to our digestive system. Thus, bacteria are critical to regular bodily function, however, there are some bacteria that can cause illness.

Antibiotics work on curing the health conditions of humans caused by bacteria. The bacteria can cause food poisoning, ear and skin infections, meningitis, pneumonia, and other severe illnesses.

In some complicated critical medical procedures like surgery, transplants, and cancer therapy, antibiotics are also used to treat the patient. Sanitary sample valves are essential tools in the fight to keep pathogens away from food products.

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